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Pope Benedict xII

His actions,

(1334-1342) That Pope Benedict XII did open the major churches to regular acts of sexual orgies, ritualistic murder of children and cannibalism in the celebration of High Mass of Satanism of Christianity.

(1334-1342) That Pope Benedict XII did entertain himself during banquets and sexual orgies in the Papal palaces by the constant spectacle of ritualistic murder and unspeakable torture of innocent men, women and especially children while he dined.

(1337) Deggendorf, Germany Entire Jewish population of Deggendorf, Germany, is burned after stories spread they had defiled communion hosts.

 (1334 - 1342 CE) That Pope Pope Benedict XII did institute regular sodomy of children, especially young boys. Furthermore, Pope Pope Benedict XII did undertake such acts in major churches upon the altar often including the ritualized murder of his child victims after such evil sex acts.

(1337) Bavarian Jews Jewish persecution spreads to Bavaria, Austria and Poland where 51 Jewish towns are attacked.

Pope clement VI 

(1347-51) That Pope Clement VI during the massive death and misery of the world did celebrate by continuing endless drug fuelled sex parties and great banquets of the finest food. History shows that not one single gold coin was given from the richest treasury in human history to aid one soul amongst the seventy five million (75,000,000) innocent human beings who died because of this supremely evil and unholy man.

(1343) That Pope Clement VI issued a bull declaring in view of the shortness of human life, he had reduced the Jubilee's span from one hundred to fifty years and that June 1346 he issued another bull in which he asserted that he had complete control and, indeed, power over the future life as a complete heresy of the entire Catholic doctrine until this point. Furthermore in his Papal Bull he did state that he could order the angels of heaven to liberate from purgatory the souls of any of them who might die on the road to Rome.

(1347-8) Basel, Switzerland 600 Jews are burned as well-poisoners and 140 children are "baptised" into catholic families at Basel, Switzerland

(1347) Brussels 600 Jews are massacred after Catholic flagellants march through Brussels.

(1348) Strasbourg, France 2000 Jews are herded into large wooden barn and burned after Catholics accuse them of starting Bubonic Plague.

(1349) German Jews More Jews are murdered, mostly burned alive, in single year than Christians persecuted by Romans over 200 years. 350 German Jewish communities attacked.

(1349) Mainz 6000 Jews are massacred in single day by Christians claiming Jews started Bubonic Plague.

Pope pius X 

(1907) That Pope Pius X, also known as St. Pius X did publish the Papal Bull Pascendi and decree Lamentabili attacking both modernism and the concepts of constitutional democracy and human rights. That these statements were false in their assumptions and deliberately designed to maintain suppression of the rights of hundreds of millions of people.

(1907-1990’s) That Jesuit Superior General Franz Xavier Wernz did arrange for funding and formation of the Communist Party and Regime of Russia. That Jesuit priest Fr.Joseph Stalin S.J. was recruited to represent the interests of the Catholic Church. That the initial purpose of the Communist Party was the suppression of democratic ideals, the establishment of a centralist controlled society, the elimination of the Russian orthodox church and noble families and the promotion of Catholic Church.

(1904-1914) That the Catholic Church through its agents and the Jesuits did make available funds through attractive loans through its banks to Russia, Germany and France for the manufacture of armaments by companies it also nominally controlled. That such aggressive arms build up did oblige Great Britain to also invest in its own arms development, thereby creating a European arms race.

(1917-8) That the Catholic Church through the Jesuit order did incite violence and riots across Russian communities in which over 60,000 Jews were killed in 530 Russian communities after political-religious uprising erupts aiming to "strike at the bourgeoisie and the Jews".

Pope urban ||

(1088) That Pope Urban II did continue the false tradition of stealing one denarius from every Christian house in France and Saxony each year to be paid to the Pope.

 (1089 CE) That the Synod of Melfi under Pope Urban II, also known as Blessed Urban, did order the imposition of slavery on the wives of priests;

(1095 CE) That Pope Urban II upon fearing the end of the Theocratic Stone Age state of European Christianity did call upon the Franks and Saxons to invade the more civilized world - Pope Urban II calls upon the Franks to invade the more civilized Muslim world, thereby causing five centuries of warfare and the death of millions.

(1099): That Christian Knights, priests and members of the first crusade including freed criminals did slaughter every single man, woman, child and animal in Jerusalem, sparing not one soul upon the specific and clear orders and approval of Pope “Blessed” Urban II. That the death toll, from this clearly church sanctioned act was at least 150,000 to 200,000 people, of which at least 60,000 were Jewish.

John XI

(914-928 CE) That Pope John X did openly commit heresy concerning the laws of the church by fathering numerous children, and by committing the now institutional traditions of papal office of sodomy of young children.

 (914 - 964) That Pope John X did openly and regularly practice Satanism, including sexual orgies, drug fuelled ritual murders of children in and upon the altar of St Peters consistent with the ancient rites of his forefathers and original Jewish Sadducee founders of Christianity. Furthermore, that Pope John X did convert all convents of Nuns in major cities into brothels and the Nuns as prostitutes for the generation of revenue from wealthy clients apart from clergy.

 That John XI, the son of open Satanist Pope Sergius III did re-obtain the office of Pope through the murder of Pope Leo VI by his mother Marozia, who was his aunt and later his mistress/wife.

(955 CE) That upon returning as Pope, Pope John XII, also known as John X, John XI, John XII and John XIV did take his mother to be his wife and father more illegitimate children.

(955 – 964 CE) That Pope John also known as Pope John X, John XI, John XII, John XII and John XIV, the longest serving Pope in history did open St Peters Church to almost daily acts of sexual orgies, ritualistic murder of children and cannibalism of an unprecedented scale not seen since the Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem over two thousand years prior.

That on 6 November (964) a synod composed of fifty Italian and German bishops was convened in St. Peter's; Pope John X also known as John XI and John XII was accused of sacrilege, simony, perjury, murder, adultery, and incest, and was summoned in writing to defend himself. Refusing to recognize the synod, John pronounced sentence of excommunication (ferendæ sententia) against all participators in the assembly, should they elect in his stead another pope." That he was finally removed by 965-966.

(965 – 972 CE) Upon returning to the Papacy being the longest serving pope in Roman Catholic History (over 37 years across at least four papacies) that Pope John also known as John X, John XI, John XII and John XIII did murder Pope Pope Leo VIII.

 (972 CE) That Pope John did steal the profits of crime obtained by the Roman Catholic Church and did take it Constantinople in 972 CE.

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